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M4A1 Assault rifle with active insurance

Insurance is a Service offered by Therapist and Prapor allowing to insure items such as Weapons, Gear, Keys etc., for a few exceptions, to grant the possibility of returning items that are carried into a Raid after death or if they have been left behind purposely.

Apply Insurance

Therapist's insurance conditions

Prapor's insurance conditions

A list of all currently insured items

Insurable items can be insure either inside of the Stash or in the Raid deployment preparation which also shows a list of all currently insured items. While in the Raid deployment preparation it is possible to apply insurance to all items that are carried on the PMC at that time.
Every insured item will be given a insurance indicator in the lower right corner and are outlined in orange, hovering over the indicator tells with whom the item is insured.

Insurance fees

The insurance fee is calculated on the item value, Therapist demands 9.5% and Prapor 3.8% of the item value, but some items will have higher fee's.

Insurance policy

The Insurance tab in the Raid deployment preparation

1. Killed in Action: The insurance will activate for all insured items outside of the secure container and eventually be sent back over the in-game message system by the insurer unless it is looted and successfully extracted by another player.
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2. Missing in Action: Any insured items carried on the PMC will be lost permanently, items removed from the body have the same rules applied as in 1. Killed.
Mising in Action.png
3. Left the Action: Same rules as in 2. Missing in Action apply.
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1. PMC melee weapons are given a special protective status and can not be looted from a corpse or be lost if the PMC went Missing in action as long as it is equipped in the SCABBARD slot. This guarantees that the melee weapon can always be used. [1]
2. Consumables like Drinks, Food, Medkits and Rounds as well as Money can not be insured and will always be lost, this also includes ammunition in magazines or chambered in weapons. A full list of items that can not be insured can be found below.
3. Insurance is not offered for The Lab. [2]

Insurance claim

Ingame notification of unclaimed insurance case

Insurance cases are delivered over the Messenger, containing the information of time and date and the Raid to which the insurance case belongs.
Prapor's return time is 24 - 36 hours (or 20 - 29 hours with the Intelligence Center Level 2) and he will close its cases after 72 hours (real-world time) and Therapist takes 12 - 24 hours (or 10 - 20 hours) for returning items and after 144 hours she will closes its cases. Items that have remained unclaimed after the case is closed will be lost permanently.

List of excluded items

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Special items that can not be insured:

Patch Changes

  • 22 January 2018: Insurance claim time from 24 hours increased to 72 hours. [3]

See also


  1. Melee weapons are unlootable (25 December 2018 - Patch
  2. Twitter post announcing the unavailability of Insurances on The Lab.
  3. Increased insurance claim time to 72 hours (was 24).

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