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Sanitar (Санитар) Russian for corpsman or paramedic is the scav boss in the raid Shoreline, he was released with Patch and was also featured in the Patch 0.12.7 teaser trailer where he can be seen on the first floor of the Azure Coast - health resort and at the Pier Office.

"A former doctor, he worked in the health resort "Lazurny bereg", and before that in the TerraGroup laboratory. After the events that happened in Tarkov, he gathered a gang with former colleagues and operates on the "Shoreline". Actively uses professional skills in combat, quickly healing himself and the gang members. He uses various stimulants and medications, including those of his own production. He can quickly perform surgery by pulling out a bullet or applying a tourniquet on the field. Sometimes he is loyal to the Scavs and can leave a couple of first-aid kits or other medical supplies for his own group members on location"


Sanitar wears a blue jacket with a hood with white stripes on both arm sleeves and one white stripe over his shoulder and also a orange medical backpack on his back that is a very distinguishing feature from other scavs around him. He also wears blue medical gloves and has his forehead wrapped in a bandage.

Follower appearance
Sanitars followers wear a common scav outfit consisting of a pair of blue jeans, a blue jacket and green gloves. They always wear a Momex balaclava.


Sanitar and his two scav followers have a chance to spawn in the raid Shoreline, in and around the health resort, at the pier office and around the locked cottage.










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